Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kodaddy ( in color )

Here is the color version of my self portrait I did for the portrait show at Fox. It's one of my signature outfits as you can see: silver jacket, green vans etc. I added my cool guy shades cause Lorna thought it was wierd that I did'nt have eyes.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Liam, The Turtle, and The Frog

My hiatus is almost over. I know, it took a long time to start some new personal work. But I really needed the trips, the family time and the rest. It's been amazing. And now I am beginning a new series of paintings, and I have big plans for them. I draw inspiration from my son Liam. He brings joy to everyone w/ his spirit and enthusiasm. Having this time w/ him, at this age, and watching him grow into his character has been unreal. Anyways, anxious to bust out the oils and start painting. I'll post the finished ptg. when I'm done, but it'll probably be awhile, since I'm going back to work on Tuesday.