Friday, December 19, 2008

Terminator Stewie (the painting)

Finally got this guy photographed. Thanks to Bob and Jim for bidding. And a special thanks to Mike, who swept in at the last minute and dropped the highest bid. It's now hanging proudly in his office.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Terminator Stewie

We're having a television theme art show at fox and I'm doing Terminator:the Sarah Connor Chronicles.I dont usually do the Family Guy characters, but who can resist Stewie as an ass-kicking evil android? I've atached the design of the Terminator girl as well and a small comp for the painting. Great to be doing an illustration again. Especially a nice scary one. I have one a week and a half to paint it. Just wrapped up painting for the day. This is a pallette I have'nt used in a while. It's gonna be a nighttime scene , so I'm using mostly cools, lots of cerulean and paynes gray. Will post when done.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Portrait Of A Flying Tree 2

This is the piece I did for the album cover theme art show at Fox. I thought this would make a cool cd cover. And I'm so happy that my good friend Mark Garcia scored this baby and put up the highest bid. This means I can still enjoy it at his pad when we chill, which is great cuz I'm kind of in love w/ this one. Thanks Mark!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gygax Tribute Show at Titmouse

The guys at Titmouse are having a Gary Gygax Tribute Art Show this Saturday, August 22. Gary Gygax is the visionary creator of Dungeons & Dragons. My brother and I were avid D&D players when we were kids. My brother was a barbarian who got killed all the time, and I was always an elf. Playing D&D really stimulated my imagination and it was one of my 4 major creative influences. (The other 3 were: Star Wars, Robotech, and Comic books)
So I was pretty stoked when TSR contacted me to do a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons illustrations for various guidebooks and monster manuals. Here are a couple of my favorites that will be in the Gygax show at Titmouse. These were done for Ravenloft; The Shadow Rift ( the Gothic, Horror branch of D&D). Word up to Squirgy the magic user and all my elf bruthas out there w/ the crazy dexterity. And big thanks to Chris P. for including me in the show.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Martian Madness

This guy is an old favorite of mine from back in the day. I sculpted him first and then I did this painting. I'll post a photo of the sculpture soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mongolian Madness

Here is some development work I'm doing for a friend. This is a bad guy, Mongolian gang. I was concentrating on various ( big guy ) body shapes. Then I started having fun w/ some of the outfits and armor. Check out #5's 80's hairdo.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lorna, Liam, and the Pterodactyl

This image has lived in my imagination since last summer in Yosemite. I roughed it out yesterday and I cant wait to paint it. And yes, that is the lovely Lorna and Liam, my muses. I'm about to post a lot of cool, new work. I have lots of new paintings going on right now, and as I finish them up, I'll post them. So check it out!
Addendum: That's right , that is a Pterodactyl. Actually it's a Pteranodon. And here are a couple of fun facts:
- not a true Dinosaur.
- wing span of up to 33 ft.
- toothless, yet carnivorous!
- agile, elegant, and quite fast!
- used large bony crest on head to steer when flying!
- their brightly colored crests were used for attracting females and indicated readiness to mate.