Friday, March 14, 2008

Lorna, Liam, and the Pterodactyl

This image has lived in my imagination since last summer in Yosemite. I roughed it out yesterday and I cant wait to paint it. And yes, that is the lovely Lorna and Liam, my muses. I'm about to post a lot of cool, new work. I have lots of new paintings going on right now, and as I finish them up, I'll post them. So check it out!
Addendum: That's right , that is a Pterodactyl. Actually it's a Pteranodon. And here are a couple of fun facts:
- not a true Dinosaur.
- wing span of up to 33 ft.
- toothless, yet carnivorous!
- agile, elegant, and quite fast!
- used large bony crest on head to steer when flying!
- their brightly colored crests were used for attracting females and indicated readiness to mate.