Sunday, October 18, 2009


This one has been in the works so long, that I had another kid and decided to put her in there. That's right, my good friend Jeff suggested I put Sienna in there," in a backpack or something." So I did just that. And I finally got around to cleaning up the characters. I gave Liam one of his signature outfits and finished the Pteranadan. This piece is now ready to paint. I plan to do a lot of painting during my upcoming hiatus and this one is at the top of the list.


We recently had a , " Works of the Masters" art show at Fox. It was a huge success. There was an awesome collection of work. I did Raphael's," Cherubs". Stewie was an obvious choice. But I could'nt find any other baby or child I could use from any of the shows. Then the Cleveland Show premiered and I knew this guy would be perfect. His name is Rallo. He's hilarious, and he's about to be a big star. Anyways, big thanks to the Cleveland writers for bidding, and special thanks to Marci who dropped the highest bid and took it home.