Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gygax Tribute Show at Titmouse

The guys at Titmouse are having a Gary Gygax Tribute Art Show this Saturday, August 22. Gary Gygax is the visionary creator of Dungeons & Dragons. My brother and I were avid D&D players when we were kids. My brother was a barbarian who got killed all the time, and I was always an elf. Playing D&D really stimulated my imagination and it was one of my 4 major creative influences. (The other 3 were: Star Wars, Robotech, and Comic books)
So I was pretty stoked when TSR contacted me to do a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons illustrations for various guidebooks and monster manuals. Here are a couple of my favorites that will be in the Gygax show at Titmouse. These were done for Ravenloft; The Shadow Rift ( the Gothic, Horror branch of D&D). Word up to Squirgy the magic user and all my elf bruthas out there w/ the crazy dexterity. And big thanks to Chris P. for including me in the show.