Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Stricken Oak

O.K. Sorry I have'nt posted in a while, but work's been crazy bz. But we had a Movie poster theme art show at Fox. This was my movie poster for Frankenstein. More of a teaser poster actually. In the story, there's an Oak tree in the Dr.'s courtyard. It gets struck by lightning and is split and burned. The Dr. realizes that lightning will power the creature. He often stares at the the blasted oak as a symbolic reminder of how his life has been broken.
Anyways, the show was a great opportunity to bust out the oils again. The piece was very well recieved. Thanks and congrats to Cyndi who dropped the highest bid and scored this baby. Thanks to Toby also for an awesome frame. This one sparked another new painting, coming soon. Peace.
Happy holidays everyone.