Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gygax Tribute Show at Titmouse

The guys at Titmouse are having a Gary Gygax Tribute Art Show this Saturday, August 22. Gary Gygax is the visionary creator of Dungeons & Dragons. My brother and I were avid D&D players when we were kids. My brother was a barbarian who got killed all the time, and I was always an elf. Playing D&D really stimulated my imagination and it was one of my 4 major creative influences. (The other 3 were: Star Wars, Robotech, and Comic books)
So I was pretty stoked when TSR contacted me to do a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons illustrations for various guidebooks and monster manuals. Here are a couple of my favorites that will be in the Gygax show at Titmouse. These were done for Ravenloft; The Shadow Rift ( the Gothic, Horror branch of D&D). Word up to Squirgy the magic user and all my elf bruthas out there w/ the crazy dexterity. And big thanks to Chris P. for including me in the show.


Will said...

hey pat! good seeing you again last night!

here's that stop motion stuff we were watching:

Unknown said...

that dog is pretty cool.

Therese said...

I am a huge fan of D&D and I must say your illustrations meet my expectations. This is some bad-ass genious art! I would love to see a collection of these on some mens graphic T's. I am a fashion designer at a studio that produces men's graphic T's (Ed Hardy, Guess, etc....) and the graphics I see in my factory are so played out,all this tattoo cheasy crappy art! Your Illustrations need to be introduced to FASHIOIN!!! Please, you need to give these men something real to wear! Something awesome and original!